"Hadek Protective Systems B.V. has had a long and very positive relationship with Thorelli & Associates. Since beginning our collaboration with Tom Thorelli and his colleagues in 2001, the firm has provided very effective support and services to Hadek in various matters, including immigration and work visas; labor and employment law; corporate legal formalities; and contract negotiations with our business partners on a more frequent basis. I look forward to our continued collaboration."

Albert de Kreij at Hadek, clients since 2001

"Dimeco is a family owned French company and has been manufacturing flexible metal forming production processes for more than 60 years. Around 65% of its revenue comes from exports to over 45 countries.

In 2015, Dimeco decided to incorporate a sales office in Chicago, IL in order to develop a source of potential distributors throughout the country, as well as effective service management.

We first met Tom Thorelli during a FIM conference in Paris and we immediately understood how important his support would be, in order to achieve our goal. Step by step, our project has become a reality, thanks to his services, including company incorporation; preparing a visa application for a Dimeco employee and his family, who was relocated from France to the US to run the US company; sales terms; limited warranty; work permits; etc.

All these services have been effectively completed thanks to a very close relationship with his very talented team.

We still use Thorelli’s services on an regular basis, including the redaction of different contracts, such as distribution contracts, the analysis of specific purchase terms, etc."

Sylvain Touboul at Dimeco, clients since 2016

“When we decided to set up a US company to increase our activity in the US in 2015, we contacted Mr. Thorelli and the firm for support. We appreciated his attention and understanding of French culture. He came to our office to discuss and understand our business. Whatever the size of your activity, Mr. Thorelli and his associates provide the best support and great attention in advising you how to reach your goals in the US.

Thorelli and Associates helped us to fulfill our legal obligations, including drafting employment agreements for our US employees and assisting us in the acquisition of an US manufacturer, a major step in our US development. Thorelli and Associates also assisted us with a subpoena with the Federal Trade Commission and continue to assist us with all needed legal services in the US.

The support and assistance of Thorelli and Associates has given us confidence to increase our investment in the US to reach our goals. As Mr. Thorelli used to tell us when we first met him: “In the US, go big or go home”. We could go big because of the confidence we have in Thorelli and Associates.”

Frederic Desprez at Proteor, clients since 2015

“I started working with Tom Thorelli in the late 1980s concerning the introduction of our ceramic hot runner technology for plastic injection molding in the US. Together (and with his outstanding team) we have registered trademarks, set up our US subsidiary, prepared, negotiated and finalized distribution agreements, joint ventures, etc. We have always been appreciative of the quality of the service provided, the direct and open communication and the detail with which the work was completed.

I have, since over 15 years, been headquartered in southeastern Hong Kong. Notwithstanding this, I have continued to rely on Thorelli & Associates for the strategic business/legal advice concerning partnering opportunities that I have considered. Tom understands business and how to minimize risk and maintain control in relationships through the preparation of appropriate documents. The firm also has keen sensitivity to the difference that intellectual property has on the valuation of a business.

I can recommend Thorelli & Associates without reservation as a firm that can help any business in protecting its legal interests. Please feel free to contact me at the following coordinates with any questions or comments you may have: callehelldin@heatlock.com."

Calle Helldin at Heatlock, clients since 1988