Product Liability Preventive Management

Product liability preventive maintenance reviews conducted by our office are completed to assist our clients in identifying actions that they can take in order to limit their exposure to large product liability awards. In our view, it is just as important to engage in product liability preventive management as it is to have product liability insurance. Indeed, arguably, product liability preventive management is more important since insurance never covers punitive damages, which are the massive judgment awards related to product liability lawsuits that can jeopardize a company. Through engaging in product liability preventive management, the risk of punitive damages can be significantly reduced by providing consumers adequate warnings and instructions.

Product liability preventive maintenance reviews include a review of any brochures; promotional materials; installation instructions; operational guidelines; websites; labels; packaging; limited warranty; material and product safety data sheets; etc. If you sell products in the U.S. and have any of the foregoing materials, contact us and we can include them in our product liability preventive maintenance review.