“When we decided to set up a US company to increase our activity in the US in 2015, we contacted Mr. Thorelli and the firm for support. We appreciated his attention and understanding of French culture. He came to our office to discuss and understand our business. Whatever the size of your activity, Mr. Thorelli and his associates provide the best support and great attention in advising you how to reach your goals in the US.

Thorelli and Associates helped us to fulfill our legal obligations, including drafting employment agreements for our US employees and assisting us in the acquisition of an US manufacturer, a major step in our US development. Thorelli and Associates also assisted us with a subpoena with the Federal Trade Commission and continue to assist us with all needed legal services in the US.

The support and assistance of Thorelli and Associates has given us confidence to increase our investment in the US to reach our goals. As Mr. Thorelli used to tell us when we first met him: “In the US, go big or go home”. We could go big because of the confidence we have in Thorelli and Associates.”

Frederic Desprez at Proteor, clients since 2015