Tom has given in excess of 100 speeches in various forums. You are welcome to contact us for the outline of the speech that he has given most frequently. In particular, you may find his exposé on some of the key cultural differences between Americans and Europeans of interest and benefit.

Funding US / International Expansion Webinar

On Thursday, July 23rd, Tom participated in a webinar with GTM Global wherein businesses were able to connect with UK and US funders to get practical advice on how to build and accelerate their business – in North America and internationally.

See below recorded video:

Posted July 29, 2020

Opening a Subsidiary in the United States Podcast 

Tom recently participated in a podcast on American Contracts and Legal Assets - Opening a Subsidiary in the United States. Click below for the podcast recorded video:


The Hague

Tom recently spoke at Council for American States in Europe events in Brussels, Belgium and The Hague, Netherlands. Click below for a video preview:

Tom Thorelli was also interviewed at the International conference on Software Development sponsored by UbiFrance, the French Trade Commission concerning distinctions in the way lawyers are used in the US from Europe and developments in IP law.  Please click below to see it.  An English translation of the interview is available on request.

 The Hague Speech:

Brussels Speech: